Implant Treatment

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into your jaw bone to regain functions and aesthetic appearance of missing teeth. Implants are commonly bio-compatible and extremely endurable. Appearance and utilization of implants are very comfortable; their presence in the mouth cannot be even felt.


Advantages of implant treatments

  • It is not necessary to sacrifice adjoining teeth for tooth restorations in patients with a single missing tooth and outcomes are more aesthetic and functional.
  • Patients who lost some of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw have to make healthy teeth cut for a bridge restoration.
  • If patient complains of poor chewing function or dent secondary to mobility of prosthesis, which is used for total edentation or if sense of taste is negatively influenced by upper jaw prosthesis as palate is covered, implant treatment will eliminate such problems, since prostheses that are most closely resembling function and appearance of natural teeth will be produced.
  • It allows you to speak, smile and laugh with confidence.

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